As coaches – we developed our solutions through combined 40 years of experience with more than 60 companies and over 400 individuals. We went through the same inner journey, the long period of imagination, creation and manifestation of the best product we are committed and truly believe in.

We are committed to teach, support and share our experience in a tailor-made company style to your company, in a cost-effective way to boost your development with your long term sustainability and high ROI, measurable development.

Tamas GyimesiFounder
Accredited (by ICF) executive & life coach (ACC), senior trainer, OD consultant, kinesiologist, kirigami artist, (8×) marathon runner. Founder of Creativity Coaching Model that is the creative synthesis of 30 solution-orientated techniques making measurable impact in multicultural environment.
Kinga PattermannFounder
Executive & life coach, senior consultant, business trainer, supervisor, video trainer, family therapist, mediator, MBTI expert, writer.
Founder of Intuition Center Coaching Model that creates a focus of your imagination and immediate solution for multinational challenges.


“Why I like to work with Tamas?
He is supportive, honest and agile; open, we are working a wide variety of methods; I can count on him, I can trust him; I love that he makes an effort to put energy into us/me even beyond our meeting.”
“He showed the existence and use of my inner strength to me, freed in me the desire for the quality of life and time.”
“I like that he sees always all the good part in all my situations; he has good insights; I would honestly ask him from my heart that every day send me reminders about our appointments.”
“Tamas can handle masterfully unsolvable situations in which I felt lost and could not find a way out, with - seemingly simple yet highly effective - techniques and methods.”
“With Tamas’s intuitive and perceptive ability, freezing precisely the ‘moment’, he made me see my situation in other aspects, in a simplified view; guided me to draw conclusions from my understanding, and helped the solutions to build immediately into my life.”
“My life has changed fundamentally. I managed to see and find myself.”
“For me it is a big buzzword that I can be who I am - and that's fine, even more... :)”
“He can help, definitely what I can hear; the rest of it, I hope will affect me subconsciously. He helps me understand my situation, myself.”
“By the achieved success, he has proven to me that there is no impossible.”
She wrote the book ‘The Handbook of Intuition – Art of Intuitive Coaching’, contains everyday influencing skills you were never taught before.

Based on her book, during the ‘Influence Center Intuitive Coaching Courses’ she teaches coaches and leaders, how to support yourself and others towards fast development, acceptance of changes and manifestation of success – in the way other schools and books do not tell.

Inspirational fruits for star coaches - empowering tools for the next generation leaders.

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