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We don’t teach just business skill developing theories – we provide solutions. Applied knowledge has a key importance. If you can’t use it from tomorrow – then what you’ve learned today, it is useless. You are not an encyclopaedia – you are a performer, even more, an ‘implementer’.
We teach the base of the theories, together with the latest development updates – and with a practical attitude.

Any blocks, problems in vertical communication is a sign – a consequence of a core difficulties that needs to be solved. Problems and conflicts are necessary steps in a changing environment – a sign to change, to develop something for better.
‘Solving conflicts effectively in multicultural team culture’, ‘Excellent Leadership Skills’, ‘Advance Communication Skills’, etc. The real, the most suitable topics and needs will be defined initially in the consultation with the management team to reach the best return on investment.


Consulting with Top Mgt:

OD analysis of the ‘now’ moment, and of the tangible and intangible expectations/outcomes; defining observation points
Experience-, result- and exercise orientated workshop with ROIA™ observation
Rapid Coaching:
Feedback & personal development session
Written Summary
(or Presentation)
to Management:

Detailed analysis with a further development plan

ROIA™ Method means ‘Rapid Observation & Immediate Action’ - a fast assessment technique to clarify, what you need to develop in order to reach the necessary influence – on both team and individual levels. A proper chance to integrate this method into existing, well-established training programs and consulting processes to maximize tangible outcome.

ROIA™ Method Process:

Preparation time: We write an initial proposal, and then together with the company management we create a method of observation, that consists of about 10-20 observation points – personal, professional and managerial competencies –, all in accordance with the current organizational objectives in order of priority, focusing on the development of the managers.
Observation time: At the beginning of the program the managers are informed what will happen, what we are going to observe and why, and what benefits they will get out of the process.
Rapid Coaching time: The participants get a rapid coaching session (45 minutes), which contains the following phases:
  • Personal feedback on their performance based on the agreed observation points;
  • Jointly establishing which areas need to be developed;
  • Formulating these development goals into personal action plans;
  • Then – jointly with the participant manager – we determine the next steps in their personal and professional lives.

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