Executive Coaching

Complex management of all areas in your life

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The ultimate tool for Leaders & Managers for a successful, motivated, challenging performance. A quality support for the synthesis of business excellence and a balanced, productive life management. A support to manage your ultimate goal – leading your active, happy and successful life in professional and private areas –, releasing the still hidden withdrawing elements and activating the positive and building forces with creative coaching tools and methods.

Executive Coaching Session includes the followings:

Executive Coaching creates a balance of Business Coaching and Life Coaching; based on a wide variety combination of solutions-oriented methods and models, helping to bring out the best from you, develop your personal and interpersonal skills, also to find effective methods for your stress management, problem handling and lifestyle management.
The Creativity Coach supports you to manage your ‘happiness’ personal project; by leading all areas in your life in a creative, conscious way, releasing and changing the inner and outer withdrawing energies, activating the positive and building forces by action plan.
2 hours / session
A full coaching process contains 4-20 coaching sessions in 1-2 weeks frequency; related to your goals and ambitions.
Executive Coaching Session is available via Skype worldwide or personally in London.

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