ROIA™ Method

ROIA™ Method means ‘Rapid Observation & Immediate Action’

It is a fast assessment technique to clarify, what you need to develop in order to reach the necessary influence in relation to the environment transformation – on both team and individual level. A proper chance and ability to integrate this into existing, well-established training programs and consulting processes to maximize outcome.

The ROIA™ method is a combination of a development centre and a result-oriented Coaching Process – developed through combined 40 years of experience with more than 60 companies and over 4,000 people.

Immediate benefits:

minimal resources; a detailed assessment based on development needs; tailor-made action plans

Mid-term benefits:

staff developing on their own; establishing cost-effective, personalized development plans

Long-term benefits:

creating an all-round, systematic development programme for the whole company; making long-established trainings more cost-effective and more measurable; ability to integrate with existing, well-established training programs and consulting processes to maximize outcome

Case Study 1

(A large multinational company with pan-European presents is developing their country managers)

Within the framework of a two-day leadership training - which is traditionally held every year with the involvement of the same external consultancy firm - the multinational company would like to assess its Country Managers from 12 different countries: what stage they are right now in their leadership knowledge; whether the annual trainings are effective enough; what their needs are actually.

And the same time the headquarter wishes to explore: how could be possible to expect an integrated, people management related professional knowledge and experience - from people coming from different cultures, in the way so that they do not feel it as a tight control; as they have key roles in contact with their home country clients and key representatives.

However the company has neither time nor resources now to participate in a full process of a Development Centre

That is when we came in: the Influence Center team from Rapid Observation Immediate Action (ROIA™)

We wrote an initial proposal, and then together with the company management we created a method of observation, which consists of about 30 points - personal, professional and managerial competencies -, all in accordance with the current organizational objectives in order of priority, focusing on the development of country managers.

At the beginning of the training day the country managers were informed why we were there, what we were going to observe and why, and what they would get out of the process:

  • Personal feedback on their performance based on the 30 observation points;
  • Jointly establishing which areas need to be developed;
  • Formulating these development goals into personal action plans;
  • Then they get a fast coaching session, in which we jointly determined the next steps in their personal and professional life.

At the end of both training days the one-hour sessions were kept according to the time schedule. This was brand new for the country managers, they did not know exactly what was coming, still they were very open - and in the end very pleased with the results.

Each of the country managers became clear about what is worth developing. As the feedback they received was confidential, our coaches helped them determine what the first steps would be, and which should be taken immediately. The following week they also reported to us in writing, also in their own countries they discussed it with their own advisors; as a result and effect of our coaching conversation.

Of course we remained available. Our task ended when we summarized the general skills and knowledge levels of the 12 country managers, in writing to headquarters, and making suggestions that - despite the limited resources - which trainings would bring the most benefits for the least investment.

Our model contains only 6 consulting days. Benefits for our client – compare to a Development Centre process:

  • Time: Much less expended time; there is no need for a separate Development Centre (DC) to hire.
  • Investment: As shown, it needs fewer professionals, therefore it costs much less, the same time more tangible results in the end.
  • Development: The fact that the manager begins to change immediately, the investment can be measured - for each leader is asked for a written feedback how he/she sees this work through the ROI, which we send to the client later. Usually, these answers are:
    • ’It took half of time for our middle managers to understand clearly what I want...’
    • ’As I have learned to make excellent presentation, I sell all my ideas easily to the company...’
    • ’I had the courage to call a government representative on the same day that I procrastinated for months...’
    • ’I managed to delegate the tasks at the beginning of the week, which I have struggled with alone till now...’
    • ‘At the end of the week – for the first time in many years - I could rest at ease, I realized how I can focus on my own skills by delegating other tasks to appropriate colleagues...‘

Case Study 2

Sales managers from 8 countries arrive to a small town in Serbia for a Product Training. Our task is to assess the eight sales managers, observe at what level they can hold meetings, how effectively they can communicate with their subordinates (who are also sales people). Half of the team speaks Russian and Serbian, but English poorly. The expected working language is English. The topic of the training is New Product Marketing. It is a strictly professional topic, not a traditional skill development one.

Related to our task, one of us facilitates the training and helps the product development professionals throughout the training, the other performs the observation. At the end of the two days the sales managers get individual feedback in accordance with the criteria developed in advance. Even though only strictly professional topics are discussed throughout the training days, by our Immediate Action Rapid Observation (ROIA™) method we are able to observe a combined set of skills which are generally not possible to do directly.

At the end of Product Training the participants receive individual feedback and fast coaching. They sign in between 5 pm to 9 pm, 1-1.5 hours each. Results for each participant:

  • He/she understands what his/her most powerful personal influencing skills are.
  • He/she realizes what kind of meeting structure to work effectively.
  • How to keep highly effective meetings, where at the end his/her subordinates not only get conscious of the discussed tasks, but successfully carry them through; also how to spread his/her newly created meeting culture in the office.
  • How to measure the effectiveness. After the 1-1.5 hours coaching session he/she begins to plan immediately, and one week later they report to us in writing; also with this they turn to their training team in their own country, because now they know exactly what needs to be further developed. Of course, we are also available.

Case Study 3

It is based on the previous example, adding the topics of effective meeting, where the numbers and length of meetings are crucially problematic. After our ROIA coaching session, the results were:

  • Immediate results: The sales manager made a decision on the same day to halve the length of the meetings and to introduce some meeting rules that he had already sent his assistant by e-mail. After discussing with us, he knew how he could make an effective impact on his team; therefore his very next meeting was planned accordingly. He writes to his HR colleagues to help him to find a Serbian coach - who would work with the topics we identified -, because it would require 3-4 sessions.
  • Mid-term results: a good example of his effective meetings spreads around among the employees; easy to track the meetings’ topics and decisions; the level of confidence grows in the team; which proves results in reducing administration and the number of e-mails.
  • Long-term results: a more relaxed manager; the processes are easier to follow; an increasingly independent team; less control with more responsibility; superior performance towards internal and external customers.

How can you work with us?

We, the members of Influence.Center are able to work in any European country, providing various professional and specialized teams (up to 15 international people). Our specialty is working with multi-ethnic, multicultural management teams, where it is very difficult to accurately assess the knowledge, skills, expectations and potential talents.

Example of the initial stage of the co-operation

We meet the customer, jointly we discuss the company's specific and current challenges, and how this is related to the company's vision and strategy. We identify which development tasks are the most necessary for the strategy - within this we spend time to define the most important priorities. We check what kind of trainings can be expected in the near future.

If no training is planned, naturally we hold skills trainings successfully developed for many multinational environments.

And in the case when there are on-going trainings held by others (already taking place or just beginning), then we discuss how we can integrate our Rapid Observation Immediate Action (ROIA™) method. Participants will receive the same evening personal feedback, and the client also gets a written report. So all it takes place, as in the case of a normal offer, with the difference that we charge only 2 days instead of the 6 advisory consulting days, besides the usual travel and accommodation costs.

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