Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive source of your quality of life

Intuitive Coaching Session big

Provides the most relevant solution for your unique problem, helps to find your
inner force to improve the quality of your life

Intuitive Coaching Session includes the followings:

Based on many tools and schools and thousands hours of customer experience, your intuitive coach will recommend immediate, relevant solution for your special problem, whether it is private life and/or workplace related.
Your intuitive coach makes you see what your strengths are, who you are, how to find your own force, which way you should go, and where your ‘blind spots’ are.
As this knowledge integrates into your life, the quality of your life will improve spectacularly, and you will feel much happier and satisfied.
2 hours / session
Intuitive Coaching Session is available via Skype/phone worldwide, or personally in Budapest

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