Intuitive Coaching Courses

Intuitive source for inner power, art of intuitive coaching

Intuitive Coaching Courses

The Imagine-Create-Manifest process in practice; empowering tools for leaders & coaches

Based on the exceptional ‘The Handbook of Intuition – Art of Intuitive Coaching’ book you learn to regain your inner power, sharpen your set of skills, to manage your life in your possible, best, wished route, and to find your balance and strength in shiny or even darker situations. And you learn the skills also to help others to do these – as a coach, as a leader. Therefore this is inspirational fruit for experienced coaches – empowering tool for the next generation leaders


Survey, goal setting, preparation
Course 1:
Experience-, and exercise orientated intensive program with ROIA™ observation
Personal itinerary, manifestation process
Character & skills tests
Rapid Coaching:
Feedback & personal development session
Team coaching:
Guiding & learning

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