Life Coaching

Complex solution for professionals

Influence Coaching Combo

Creating my ideal self-image: who I am, whom I want to become, and what steps I should take to become that person. Putting together the puzzle elements of my life into a beautiful motivating big picture.

Life Coaching session includes the followings:

Methods, proactive steps and actions to be more successful
Your personal talent management - to bring out the best from you
Taking responsibility for your own well-being
Re-discover and upgrade your own, personal feminity/masculinity
Analysing the structure of your conflict sources, then solving them with consciousness and by action plan
Quality management of your life roles - as female/male, friend, mother/father, child, creator
2 hours / session
A full coaching process contains 6-20 coaching sessions in 2 weeks frequency; related to your goals and ambitions
Executive Coaching Session is available via Skype worldwide or personally in London

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