„Boost your influencing power."

  • Influencing is the top requirement in business leadership.
  • At Influence.Center we teach you to imagine, create and manifest your vision in all dimensions of your life
    Executive Coaching   •   Intuition Coaching   •   Life Coaching
  • Our coaching and consulting programs based on experience with more than 60 companies and over 400 individuals from 30 countries


Executive Coaching
Smaart Coaching Session
  • The ultimate tool for leaders – investment in yourself
  • A quality support for the synthesis of business excellence and balanced, productive life management.
Life Coaching
Influence Coaching Combo
  • Manifestation of your ideal life
  • Creating your ideal self-picture: who you are now, who you want to become, and what steps you take to become that person.
Intuitive Coaching
Intuitive Coaching Session
  • The intuitive source of your quality of life
  • Providing the most relevant solution for your unique problem source, finding your own force to improve your quality of life.


  Coaching Complex Solutions

Intuitive Coaching Courses
Influence Your Community
  • Intuitive source for inner power,
    art of intuitive coaching
  • The Imagine-Create-Manifest process in practice, empowering tools for leaders & coaches.
Workshop & Coaching
Branding for influence
  • Make the vision into
    powerful energy source
  • Strengthen your top management as a talented team, and as proactive executives.
Training/Development & Coaching
ROIA™ Method
  • Intensive business skills development
    with a twist
  • Synthesis of training,
    coaching & development centre.


  Coaching packages

Leadership Next Level
6 month Executive Coaching package
  • 6 month Executive Coaching package
  • Activating the potential power source in you and people around you.
Reinvent Your Life
Branding for influence
  • 6 month Life Coaching package
  • Shine each facet of your diamond. A transformation coaching process.
Leadership Excellence
ROIA™ Method
  • 1 full year Executive Coaching package
  • Make everything possible in all levels of your career and private life.

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